Sunday, December 22, 2013

Double Translation Language Learning Method

Hey all, it's been some time since I put up a post but I decided to as I think this is a good method for learning other languages (Double Translation Method).

This is a language learning method one which is used by Assimil (language courses company from France) and has been used in previous centuries as well.

What we do is take a phrase from a foreign language:Bugün, hava bir güzel(Turkish) and then we will translate it in English literally.
Bugün - This-day (compound word), hava - weather, bir - a/one, güzel- beautiful.
Now we have this-day, weather a beautiful.
Notice how Turkish lacks the article 'the' and uses the word for 'one/a' to represent is in this sentence.

Next, put it into better English: Today, the weather is beautiful.
Now what I would do is to take the words that I have translated literally and translate it back into Turkish without looking at the original.

What this method teaches us is to think in the syntax (the way words relate to each other in a sentence) of the other language so we can move away from thinking in the structure of our native language to the language we are learning.

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