Sunday, June 23, 2013

Volunteering Overseas to Teach Theatre

So, I've been thinking about volunteering to teach theatre overseas and I've been focusing on two places:
Brazil and the Philippines. Both places have volunteer theatre programs, I admit the Philippines has a specific program which is connected to the local traditional theatre and that would be special.
But honestly I really want to go to Brazil, so I do intend to save up to travel there. The thing is though with the flight expenses it won't be easy going to Brazil (3500-4000 in total for the complete journey).
So, I've been looking at various options: doing crowdfunding or getting a grant
Crowdfunding is a new way to save up by putting your project on the internet for others to chip in. Considering, my present situation means that I may be studying sound production this year and I'm not too sure about the time periods writing a specific advertisement for funding doesn't sound so good at the moment. So, I'm left with working which hasn't been going anywhere even though I've been putting in an average effort because I'm not too fussed about what I've been applying for.

Confusing situation, eh?

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