Sunday, January 22, 2012

Colombian folklore (legends): Patasola

Colombian folklore involves stories which relate to the cultural influences that have helped to create Colombian society: European (Spanish), Indigenous and African.

The first one I will look at is called Patasola, Patasola is a one footed female monster who lives in the jungle. Patasola actually comes from the Spanish words for one foot (sola and pata)
Here is an example of her taken by Edgar Feria:
Patsola was originally a human being who was killed by her husband for being unfaithful during which time he hacked off her leg.
Patasola is like a similar Colombian legend (Madremonte), they both serve as guardians of the environment. She lures lone male farmers, being attractive and takes them when they are in the forest too suck their blood and devour them.

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